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Leamington Lights Up - Leamington 1  Halesowen Town 3 - 23/07/02

Another pre-season crowd of over 400 gathered at the New Windmill on a cloudy evening to watch their team tested against another higher level side.  More importantly the evening also marked another phase in the redevelopment of Leamington FC as the newly installed floodlights got their first proper usage.  Apart from being a pre-requisite for entry into the Midland Combination Premier division the floodlights also help make the New Windmill feel more like a ground.  This is not to belittle all the efforts on the ground up to this point its just, even on Saturday with them not switched on, the New Windmill finally looked like a "proper" ground.

The visitors for the evening were Halesowen Town who, after upgrading their own ground last season, sold the floodlights to Leamington.  Halesowen kicked off attacking the North Bank and before any team had time to settle found themselves 1-0 up after 7 minutes.  Again the blame for the goal unfortunately lay with goalkeeper Sidhu, he came for a ball that a Halesowen player was quicker too, and while making his mind up whether to retreat or narrow the angle was beaten by a well placed shot along the ground.

5 minutes later the visitors doubled their lead through some quick one touch passing - the ball was played out wide right, then into the box and the striker made no mistake from just inside the area.  Leamington hadn't really got into the game and a rout was looking on the cards.

Brakes then managed to settle and pass the ball around.  As against Nuneaton they passed the ball around well from defence to midfield, but passes in the last third of the field were letting them down.  Too many times balls were played to the wings too long, or the intended recipient had misread the pass.  The intention was good just the execution the problem. 

It was a long ball forward that bought a Leamington goal, with no Brakes player in close attendance a Halesowen defender somehow played the ball past his advancing keeper into the Harbury Lane net.  Perhaps reward for Leamington's toil, and hopefully would also give them a lift in the second half.

Halftime saw the switch on of the lights.  Various club officials, sponsors, newspaper & fanzine editors along with the players gathered on the pitch.  After much talking and countdowning the switch was flicked and, accompanied by fireworks behind the dugouts, the lights came on one by one.