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Further match reports can also be found under the "All Results" links per season on the Leamington era page

"Give my regards to Queen Street"
A Journey through Midland's football including Leamington FC

Presidents Cup Final 2002

BrakesWeb report of the final

Review of the season 02/03
BrakesWeb report of the season

Tale of Two Windmills
"Nomad online" visits the New Windmill

Last Farewell

Courier report of the final Windmill match 

Leamington Crowd Fit the Bill
Leamington FC on SkySports.com

The New Windmill Lights Up
BrakesWeb report of the historic night

Lights on in Leamington

Leamington Courier report 

Leamington 2 - 0 Woodford United
Match Report from "The Sun" newspaper