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Home to Leamington Town, Lockheed Leamington and AP Leamington the Windmill Ground was situated on the Tachbrook Road, just outside of Whitnash, as illustrated on the old Leamington A-Z map on the right.

The ground began its life known simply as the "Tachbrook Road Ground" with the first "Leamington FC" match taking place in late September, 1891, between "Leamington Association Football Club" and Queen's College Birmingham. 

By 1913, when Leamington Town moved back to the ground (after using various sites around the town), it had been renamed as "The Windmill Ground", taking the name of the Pub adjacent to its site.  The Pub (which still stands) had taken its name from the fact that a Windmill once stood at the site.

In 1937 Leamington Town fell foul to money matters, the club was voluntarily wound-up, and the Windmill Ground was sold to Coventry City.  Coventry paid 1,739 6s and 8d for the ground which was to be used for their 'A' team.  During the 2nd World War the ground also hosted Forces matches.

Lockheed, the company situated opposite the Windmill Ground, formed a club in 1946 called Lockheed Leamington and bought the ground back from Coventry City to house their team.

It was after this time that the ground saw most of its development work - stands, terracing, etc.  The floodlights were installed in 1965.  By its demise it boasted a 440 seater stand running half the length of the Tachbrook Road side.  At the left hand side (looking from the pitch) were the changing rooms. 


To the right, and extending behind the northern goal, was terracing. The terracing gradually faded into a gently sloping gravel bank that continued round the other 2 sides of the pitch.  The north end was covered, as was a very small section of the embankment opposite the stand.

The stated capacity of the ground was 5,000 - with cover for 1,600 spectators.  The clubhouse (built in the late 1970s) sat behind the stand, up towards the northern end of the ground.

A 1st Round FA Cup tie, vs Stafford Rangers in the 1975/76 season, saw the largest attendance at the ground.  3,200 turned up to see Stafford triumph 3-2. 

With the ground owners, Automotive Products, struggling financially, property developers AC Lloyd purchased the ground in 1985.

 The final league match at the ground was on 16th April, 1988 against Walsall Wood.  The match ended 2-2, Duncan Gardener and Tony Graham the scorers for Leamington.  The honour of being the last scorer at the Windmill in a "proper" game fell to a Walsall player, Roper, who equalised at 4.13 pm in front of the 500 crowd.  The Leamington line-up that day read Graham, Stout, Montomery, Overton, Sykes, Gardener, Myton, Watkins, Gow, Hathaway and Singleton.  The manager was Smyth.

The final match played at the ground was between teams managed by two old (AP) Leamington managers a "Farewell to the Windmill Ground".

Where the ground once stood there is now a housing development.  The turnstiles were sold to VS Rugby and of the some stand went to Stratford Town. The floodlights, originally from Manchester City's Maine Road ground, were sold to a security firm.


Floodlight picture (left) taken from The Leamington Courier 175th Anniversary Special.  

Ariel shot of the Windmill part of the BrakesWeb collection. 

Other photos (c)Dave Twydell 1995 - taken from a "Gone but not Forgotten" (Part 6) by Dave Twydell (also the source of many facts of this article).