1891 - 1937 : the Leamington Town era
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Late September, 1891, saw a match between "Leamington Association Football Club" (soon to become Leamington Town) and Queen's College Birmingham.  Leamington won 1-0, with a team line-up of Walters, H.Welch, C.Welch, Swann, Allen, Abell, Bowen, Wade, Moore, Gee and Shorter.   So beginning the story of non-league football in Royal Leamington Spa...

1936/37 Birmingham Combination
PL38 W9 D5 L24 F44 A88 Pts23 (19th)

    League Table | FA Cup
Club voluntarily wound up
Windmill Ground sold to Coventry City
1935/36 Birmingham Combination
PL36 W12 D6 L15 F65 A84 Pts30  (14th)
    League Table | FA Cup
1934/35 Birmingham Combination
PL32 W17 D5 L10 F73 A58 Pts39 (5th)
    FA Cup
1933/34 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W14 D4 L16 F67 A84 Pts32 (12th)
    FA Cup
1932/33 Birmingham Combination
PL36 W12 D3 L21 F72 A122 Pts27  (16th)
    FA Cup
1931/32 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W10 D4 L20 F81 A112 Pts24  (15th)
    FA Cup
1930/31 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W14 D5 L15 F90 A97 Pts33  (12th)
    FA Cup
1929/30 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W15 D5 L14 F83 A69 Pts35 (9th) 
    FA Cup
1928/29 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W23 D4 L7 F110 A54 Pts50 (2nd) 
    FA Cup
1926/27 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W22 D4 L8 F99 A53 Pts48 (3rd)
    FA Cup
1927/28 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W18 D3 L13 F83 A69 Pts39 (7th)
1925/26 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W24 D4 L6 F114 A48 Pts52 (1st) - no promotion
    FA Cup
Birmingham Combination Champions
1924/25 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W17 D10 L7 F71 A43 Pts44 (5th)
    FA Cup
1923/24 Birmingham Combination
PL34 W10 D3 L21 F51 A95 Pts23 (16th)
    FA Cup
1922/23 Birmingham Combination 
PL28 W7 D7 L14 F52 A67 Pts21 (12th)
    FA Cup
1921/22 Birmingham Combination 
PL30 W14 D8 L8 F58 A42 Pts36 (3rd)
    Birmingham Junior Cup Winners
Join the Birmingham Combination
1904/05 Birmingham Junior League 
PL26 W8 D6 L12 F34 A45 Pts22 (12th) 
    Moved to Coventry & North Warwickshire League
1903/04 Birmingham Junior League 
PL26 W12 D7 L7 F52 A46 Pts31 (6th) 
1902/03 Birmingham Junior League 
PL22 W11 D4 L7 F45 A36 Pts26 (3rd) 
1901/02 Birmingham Junior League
PL22 W7 D4 L11 F43 A49 Pts18 (7th)
1900/01 Birmingham Junior League 
PL18 W9 D3 L6 F27 A23 Pts21 (3rd) 
1899/1900  Birmingham Junior League 
PL24 W17 D2 L5 F61 A35 Pts36 (2nd)  
    Became semi-professional
1898/99  Birmingham Junior League 
PL26 W8 D6 L12 F60 A64 Pts22 (10th) 
1891/92        Leamington Town FC founded