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Some memories from the Lockheed days, sent by Kevin R Cox via email:

My nostalgia takes me far back. I can remember watching the Brakes in the old Birmingham League in the 'fifties. There were some very, very good players in the latter team, including one Bill Draper, a centre forward with a ferocious shot. It was good quality football.
Football was very different then. The centre half rarely went into the other team's half and neither did the fullbacks. Likewise, a center or wing forward found loitering in his own goal area would risk a reprimand from the team manager. It was actually a more open game then, though not as fast as today.

I can't remember the first names of either Latham (Bill?) or Keeble (Jack?). I do know that Latham was player manager and had played for Coventry City, though not a first team regular. The 1951-52 season had started out pretty inauspiciously with the Brakes near the bottom of the table. But in the New Year they picked themselves up quite remarkably and finished at least halfway up in the Table. By the time of the Senior Cup Final (played at the Windmill Ground against Hereford Utd Reserves) they had a lot of momentum. The regular right winger was a guy called Kirkaldie, but he was cup-tied and couldn't play in the Senior Cup.

In the 'fifties the Brakes regularly played to crowds of about 1,300 - 1,500. By the mid-'fifties some of the regulars included Bill Branston in goal, Reg Allen (RB), Mick Lane (LB), Hawker had moved to center half and Morrow to the right wing. Mick French moved to inside left to make way for George Burrows on the left wing. This was a good move since French was quite a crafty ball player. French's brother played wing half. I cannot recall who the other wing half was. Inside right was someone called Robertson but the big goal scorer was Bill Draper. He later left and went to play with Kettering in the Southern League.

As for the layout of the ground: There was a seated stand on the Tachbrook Road side of the ground (5-6 rows of seats perhaps). On the Leamington end there was a covered standing-only stand; I can't remember whether it included terracing. I think there must have been some means of giving people some elevation in order to see over the heads of the people in front of them. On the other side of the field there were piles of compacted dirt that people stood on to get some elevation to watch the game. Also on that side was a tea lady's stand and a (very) small stand to provide shelter.

The Birmingham Senior Cup Team (1952): Barry Spencer (G); Eric Dobbs (RB), Cedric Bennett (LB) ; Ken Hawker (RH); Latham (CH), Keeble (LH), Fred Gardner (RW), Frank Grimwood (IR), Wally Soden (CF), Hughie Morrow (IL), Mickey French (LW).