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This page contains brief reviews & images of the match day programmes produced by Leamington Football Club since its rebirth in 2000

Season 2000/01

The programme for the first season in the Midland Combination Division 2, which eventually saw Leamington crowned as Champions. 

The publication was a fairly simple affair with details of the Friends of Leamington Football Club activities + contact details, standard team news, results/fixtures and league table.  There was also occasional "archive" photos from the club's past and mascot details.

The programme also contained a brief history of the club accompanied by the, early, picture of the New Windmill ground shown right.

Season 2001/02

The programme for the 01/02 campaign with an Alan Watson photo of Josh Blake celebrating in front of the North Bank adorning the cover.

The main addition for this season was the introduction of the "View from the Editor's Chair", the programme started with some text from editor David Hucker.

The season also saw the introduction of a Youth Team, this was reflected by a page "Supporting the Youth Team" mainly highlighting who sponsored which player.

A page was also dedicated to the match mascot and a very brief introduction to the opponents.

The brief history of the club still featured, this time accompanied by a picture of the 00/01 squad.

Season 2002/03

Another change to the front cover saw an arial challenge photo distorted by Anura Design.

"From the Editor's Chair" now introduced the programme, with Roger Vincent taking over the task of editorship from David Hucker.

The introduction to the visiting team was expanded to several paragraphs to give supporters more information about the opposition.

Ground regulations for the New Windmill were added, details on the "Brakes Bus" included and also a handy Fixture/Result grid for all teams in the Premier division slotted in.  The Youth team fixture/results were added.

The brief history of the club remained, this time with a picture of the "North Bank" from a Rugby Town game.

Season 2003/04

A clever cut out to the cover allowed the match details to be viewed from the front of the programme without the need for a reprint each time.  "From the Editor's Chair" spot was moved to page 2 as the team line ups were moved from the "traditional" centre spread to page 1.  The centre spread was now home for match by match information, including team line ups, scores, attendances, etc. +  "They Said What?" quotes and other occasional features.

The Youth had their table + a results/fixtures grid added.

Details of VHS/DVD highlights appeared and also sponsorship opportunities for senior and youth team players.  There was also a small "Respect the Ref" feature ... which I'm sure was always honoured!

And my photo, right, appeared at the back ....

Season 2004/05

A more basic front cover this season, showing some raucous singing in the SheepSide stand with Chesterton Windmill in the background, along with an image of the previous home of Leamington FC.

The Disability Discrimination Act is the major addition to some editions - 2 pages covering how the club is striving to reach all areas of the act. 

Also, on going information about the clubhouse progress is included.

The rest of the programme is pretty much the same as last season, slightly revamped, built up over the previous seasons.

A picture of the Leamington and Coventry City XI teams from a pre-season friendly appears on the back page.